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The data reconciliation technique consists of a mathematical method for the statistical treatment of errors associated with data measurement. The S-DVR software, developed by Soteica do Brasil, uses this technique to improve the mass balance calculation, for a certain period of time, in processing plants or product distribution.

The S-DVR improves the quality of process data by determining a value that is consistent with measurement tolerances and mass balance constraints. The value that meets these criteria is called reconciled, and is obtained by minimizing the overall difference between the value measured by the instrument and the reconciled value, subject to compliance with the mass balance and the instruments tolerances.

The software was developed over a three-dimensional interface, which represents the process model. This interface provides an easier navigation, making it possible to quickly scroll through the plant and obtain a global view of the process or specific points, making the data reconciliation process more agile and comprehensive.

S-DVR Interface

The modeling and statistical treatment of the S-DVR, allows to identify and quantify the data deviations. In this way, the process as a whole can be optimized, making it possible to identify and minimize process losses, to account production and transfers between units with greater precision and reliability, in addition to managing the maintenance of measuring instruments more efficiently.

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