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The search for operational excellence is in our essence. Our extensive engineering knowledge, coupled with innovative simulation, optimization and management tools, lead us to efficiently meet the needs of the chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas and sugar & ethanol industries.


About Soteica

Since 1987, we have used our knowledge in modeling chemical processes for the development and application of engineering software, supporting our customers to achieve operational excellence and improve the management and reliability of their processes.

For more than 30 years, we have been operating in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas and sugar and ethanol industries.

Our main activities are:

  • Dynamic and Steady State Process Modeling

  • Processes Real Time Optimization (RTO)

  • Heat Exchangers design and simulation

  • Operator training system

  • Production Accounting and Data Reconciliation

We represent the HTRI (Heat Transfer Research Inc.) in Brazil, which is a world wide reference in heat transfer and heat exchangers thermal calculation, with more than 50 years of experience in research and technology development in these areas.


Innovapro is the business division of Soteica do Brasil dedicated to modeling and simulation of chemical, petrochemical and oil processes.






The HTRI (Heat Transfer Research Inc.) is a leading source of process heat transfer technology, research, software, and services. Incorporated in 1962, the company conducts studies on heat transfer and fluid flow at an advanced testing facility in Navasota, Texas, USA. HTRI technology has been used by companies worldwide for decades to help them design, operate, and maintain heat exchangers and fired heaters. Learn more.

With more than 1.400 members in the world,  HTRI's global customer base includes the world’s leading processing companies, engineering contractors, equipment manufacturers, and thermal process consultants. Our acclaimed HTRI Xchanger Suite® software is considered the most advanced available for the design, rating, and simulation of heat exchangers. Learn more.

Software to quickly obtain cost estimates, compare and select the most cost-effective HX.

Performance monitoring and predictive maintenance software for HX networks.



The S-PAA is a system developed by Soteica do Brasil Ltda, which uses the concept of “R.T.O. - Real Time Optimization ” to manage the process and energy sectors in industrial plants. By using online data, quality database information and design (and/or established) values, it is possible to simulate the current conditions of the plant and optimize them in real time, while the industrial plant is running.


The S-PAA suite is “state of the art” in Real Time Optimization and represents the consolidation of Soteica's experience in Modeling, Simulation and Optimization, acquired in more than 30 years of experience in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil Refining and Sugar & Ethanol markets. Learn more.


The action recommended can be applied manually (open loop) or automatically (closed loop) on the plant.

Real Plant

A virtual model is created considering the characteristics and restrictions of the physical plant. The measured data and quality information are inputted in this model.


Virtual Model

The S-PAA compares the calculated optimum point with the current operating condition. Based on this comparison, the system recommends an action.


In the virtual model background, there is a calculation algorithm that considers the restrictions imposed and the thermodynamics involved to carry out the mass and energy balances, and thus, determine an optimal point of operation.


The real-time optimization provided by the S-PAA, allows to reduce the variability of the process regardless of the performance of an advanced control. The continuous monitoring of the process variables, as well as the use of an optimization algorithm, makes the software anticipate some situations of operational profile changes, providing smoother and faster transitions. This predictive response allows to get closer to the maximum operational limit, increasing the profitability of the industrial plant.

Variability reduction and production enhancement through real-time optimization


With a dynamic and intuitive interface, S-PAA allows to evaluate the whole process in real time, making it possible to optimize the operation and extract the maximum profitability from the industrial plant.

S-PAA Interface

  • Identification for process losses

  • Identification of inefficient equipment

  • Real time balances:

    • Mass

    • Vapor e condensate

    • Energy

    • Sugar (for sugar cane mills)

  • Better utility management

    • Consumption reduction

    • Energy export enhancement

  • Visualization of measured, calculated and quality data on the same platform​

  • Operational actions historization

  • Data historization

Key benefits



The data reconciliation technique consists of a mathematical method for the statistical treatment of errors associated with data measurement. The S-DVR software, developed by Soteica do Brasil, uses this technique to improve the mass balance calculation, for a certain period of time, in processing plants or product distribution.

The S-DVR improves the quality of process data by determining a value that is consistent with measurement tolerances and mass balance constraints. The value that meets these criteria is called reconciled, and is obtained by minimizing the overall difference between the value measured by the instrument and the reconciled value, subject to compliance with the mass balance and the instruments tolerances.

The software was developed over a three-dimensional interface, which represents the process model. This interface provides an easier navigation, making it possible to quickly scroll through the plant and obtain a global view of the process or specific points, making the data reconciliation process more agile and comprehensive.

S-DVR Interface

The modeling and statistical treatment of the S-DVR, allows to identify and quantify the data deviations. In this way, the process as a whole can be optimized, making it possible to identify and minimize process losses, to account production and transfers between units with greater precision and reliability, in addition to managing the maintenance of measuring instruments more efficiently.



Navasota, Texas, USA

HTRI Training - Global Headquarters

Join us at the HTRI Global Headquarters in Navasota, Texas, USA, for four days of hands-on, case-based training. The training schedule includes four courses, all taught by HTRI experts:

  • Xist Workshop

  • Special Topics in Xist Short Course

  • Vibration Analysis Short Course

  • Xace Workshop

Sep 22, 2020

São Paulo

Soteica Seminar

Periodically, Soteica do Brasil offers seminars, focused on process simulation and heat transfer, which teach important concepts and demonstrate how to solve problems using engineering tools.

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